Sparkling Hibiscus Tea

This is a slightly bubbly hibiscus tea that is bursting with citrus flavor. Hibiscus tea is deliciously tart, so adding sparkling water gives it a refreshing cranberry juice like taste. Just a perfect spring beverage for everyone


- 1 cup Ice Cubes

-1/2 cup kiwi Sparkling Water

-1 cup Classic Nesis Hibiscus Refresca

-Mint leaves to garnish

-Lemon slices

The Classic Hibiscus Refresca gives us a slightly sweet taste which is the desired taste we want.


-Add lemon slices to glass

-Fill glass with ice cubes

-Add sparkling water

-Add Hibiscus Tea

-Stir well

-Garnish with Mint and lemon wedge

Ice Cold Hibiscus Tea Sparkler is ready

Enjoy a refreshing hibiscus beverage and get into a happy place with yummy goodness

Sparkling Hibiscus Tea with Nesis Tea

Video of our steps

Ruby red beauty

Share your pictures with us here . We will love to see what you make.

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