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NESIS Hibiscus Refresca was borne out of nostalgia. Being several 1000 miles away from home, the desire for a nutritious and thirst quenching homemade tea grew by the hour. It started with preparing for family, then friends, acquaintances, friends of friends, and the rest is history.

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I have being drinking Nesis hibiscus tea for sometime now and I must say it is one of the best natural made tea out there. Not only does it have great benefits for the human body, it also has a great natural fresh taste. I love the fact that I can taste all the natural ingredients in the drink, I will be buying more and more and recommending to family and friends.

Mami Quashe

Nesis hibiscus refresca is the best! It is prepared with natural ingredients with no artificial flavors. I feel energized and a boost in my immune system whenever I take it. It is well- packaged which makes it more attractive to purchase for use.
I will recommend Nesis hibiscus refresca for all customers.


I am usually not one to give reviews but I give credit to Nesis hibiscus refresca drink. I have tried a few on the market and I keep going back to this one. The blend is perfect and not too overpowering with the right amount of ginger, pineapple and hibiscus as the main ingredients. And I love that there are no preservatives. Choose Nesis!!!


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